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Happy Squares is an award-winning and gender-neutral toy that covers all categories of the early years' framework and develops STEAM skills.

This powerful open-ended educational toy accompanies and support children along their learning journey: fine motor skills, a sense of balance, three-dimensional exploration, developing imagination, counting and calculating, developing vocabulary, knowledge and understanding of the world, and problem-solving. 
So far, Happy Squares has been used during exciting creative sessions at the Young V&A and Rich Mix in London, the Centre Pompidou in Paris, and Kanal Museum in Brussels. 


Used in groups, this toy provides a good support for collaborative play, sharing, taking turns and expressing ideas. It allows children to build together, develop each other's ideas, and learn how to develop communication and cooperation skills.
Happy Squares exist in a bigger quantity: the maxi sets. They are great to suit groups of 3 to 5 children.



"Making is thinking" Richard Sennett
Happy Squares' modular system allows children to understand mechanisms, feel forces, physically test their intuition and quickly give shape to exciting structures that can be modified endlessly. 
Happy Squares provides a physical support for children to experiment, explore and learn with their bodies in action, and at their own scale.


Learning without noticing

Happy Squares allows children to solve engineering problems, stimulate creativity and imaginative play, materialise ideas in 3D, discover and learn about scale and body, and play around with architectural concepts, like boundaries and volumes.


1 toy, many versions

Because all contexts are different, Happy Squares exist in different variations: sets of colours colours, prints, and grey, which can be customised.
Different versions can be as well created to accommodate the needs of specific institutions, such as the Centre Pompidou in France, where children can create their own version of the iconic museum.



Happy Squares have been tested by an independent laboratory in the UK and therefore are UKCA certified.
The corners of all parts are round to allow children to play smoothly and safely, and there are no small parts, which means that younger siblings and friends can help as well!


All elements of Happy Squares kits are made out of recycled cardboard and paper, and manufactured in a small workshop in the UK.


So big and so small